Return Policy

We are not sure why you have navigated to this page.  It is very hard to believe that the product created by our Master Cake Decorators, Bakers, and Deli staff did not overwhelming exceed your expectations. Before launching this site, we did not have a formal return policy.  That is because we very rarely had any products returned to us.  We still do not have a formal policy as we believe that our exceptional products, creations, and staff will meet all of your party, event, or everyday needs. So we have no written policy, no rules, no disclaimers, no exceptions, nothing! What we do have is a guarantee that we will stand behind our products and  services and resolve any issues that you may have.  If you feel that the product does not meet your standards, or ours, please contact the respective Bakery or Deli Manager so that we may rectify as soon as possible.