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Cimarron Junction

Address: 7104 N. Navarro Victoria, Tx 77904

Phone: 361-573-0052


Hours: Open 24 hours Product Available 24 hours.  Cake & Cookie Designers Available by Appointment.

Manager:  Peggy Ybarbo

Bakery Manager:  Sylvia Fonseca


Cimarron Crossing

Address: 13515 US 87 North, Victoria, Tx 77904

Phone: 361-576-4460

Hours: 4:30 am – 9 pm.  7 days a week

Manager: Sandra Davis

Grill Manager: Sabrina Plumber


Cimarron Express

Adress: 1402 John Stockbauer Dr., Victoria, Texas 77901

Phone: 361-576-9838


Hours: Product Available 24 hours.  Cake & Cookie Designers Available by Appointment

Manager:  Peggy Ybarbo

Bakery Manager: Lisa Hill


Fastop 1

Address: 1901 John Stockbauer, Victoria, Tx 77904

Phone: 361-575-5055

Hours: 5am-Midnight

Manager:  Laurie Ruiz


Fastop 2

Address: 1801 Del Mar, Victoria, TX 77901

Phone: 361-575-0310

Hours: 5am-Midnight

Manager:  Deborah Kellis

Fastop 3

Address: 2103 Lone Tree Rd., Victoria Tx, 77901

Phone: 361-578-6681

Hours: Open 24 Hours

Manager:  Hershey Morrales


Fastop 4

Address: 3508 N. Navarro Rd., Victoria, TX 77904

Phone: 361-575-5903

Hours: Open 24 Hours

Manager:  Melissa Foster

Fastop 5

Address: 4008 US Hwy 59N, Victoria, TX 77904

Phone: 361-576-1741 or 361-576-1353

Hours: 24 hours a day.  7 days a week

Subway Hours: Mon-Thurs: 9am - 10pm.  Fri-Sun: 9am-12am

Manager:  Monica Hubenek


Fastop 6

Address: 3633 SW Moody, Victoria, TX 77905

Phone: 361-573-0128 or 361-576-0314

Hours:  Monday – Saturday 5 am – 9 pm.  Sunday 9 am – 9pm.

Subway Hours: Sunday: 5am - 9pm.  All other days 5am -10pm

Manager:  Peggy Ybarbo